Creating Modern Keepsakes Using Vintage Memories

Creating Modern Keepsakes Using Vintage Memories

I am honored every time someone purchases a Dazzling Dezignz keepsake and thrilled to know that the recipient will be over the moon with their gift!

MY MISSION ~ I don’t just stamp words on old silverware…. I create personal and memorable keepsakes using treasures of the past. I know how tough it is to find that unique and one of a kind gift that the recipient will just love. I myself, cannot give a gift just for the sake of giving one. It needs to mean something and it has to come from the heart. My mission is to search out the most beautiful patterns of silverware and create gorgeous and meaningful keepsakes for absolutely everyone in your life… and maybe even for you!

WHY I DO THIS ~  Since I started this business I have made many people happy and confident in their gift giving. And that makes ME happy knowing I am providing such a personal and unique gift that you can’t find in any department store. I also love the freedom of owning my own business. It allows me to spend quality time with my young family before they aren’t so young anymore. I love being available for all the field trips at school, going to gymnastics and swimming lessons. Most importantly, I am so grateful that I can be here to tuck them into bed at night and to tell them how much I love them! You can rest assured that whether you have chosen a piece already stamped or have created your own saying, I will stamp it, polish it, and package it up with the utmost care and love because I know that is how you have chosen your special gift.

MY PROMISE ~  Every day, I stamp these pieces of silverware with these core values in mind: honesty, loyalty and happiness.

HONESTY ~  I will always be honest and upfront about the quality of any given piece of silverware. Some of my customers want shiny and “almost” brand new pieces. Others love the rustic look that the plate loss and patina gives them.

LOYALTY ~ I want you, my customer, to keep coming back to my shop to purchase these wonderful keepsakes for your family and friends. I believe to have loyal customers the seller also needs to be loyal. Each and every customer will receive a coupon code for their next purchase, every time!

HAPPINESS ~ I want you to feel happy knowing you have chosen the perfect gift that will, in turn, make the recipient happy. Because who doesn’t like to feel happy?!

WHO I AM ~ To two little angels (lol!) I am Mommy.  A very understanding and helpful husband calls me Babe. My other family and friends call me Elisa and my customers know me as the Keepsake Creator! When I’m not working and the kids are all tucked in for the night, I try to catch the latest episode of whatever series my husband and I are watching at the time. We have watched Downton Abbey, Breaking Bad, Poldark and Homeland. Then every night before bed I have to read the latest book that is sitting on my night table… without fail or I can’t fall asleep!

GET IN TOUCH ~ If you have any questions about any of my pieces or would like to create your own special keepsake please contact me at

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